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EquityDoor is Unique in Regulation Crowdfunding

EquityDoor gives all real estate investors open, fair, and impartial access to their share of mid-market real estate. EquityDoor pairs state-of-the-art secure online investing with personal service and education. Our platform is always free for investors to sign up. It was designed to ensure simplicity and inclusion for both investors and project owners, focusing on mid-market properties and like-minded investors.

At EquityDoor, we find dedicated project owners who are looking for investors to share in the same projects they’re investing in, too. They bring diverse projects from across the country, and you choose which ones to invest in and to what level.

In 2012, Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law. Title III allowed for certain internet-based securities to be exchanged online without individual registration with the SEC. This changed the game for small business investments in America and opened the door for crowdfunding in many investments areas, including the real estate market.

Recently, crowdfunding platforms have surfaced with a focus on large real-estate projects of $1 million, $2 million, and higher. EquityDoor is taking a different approach that is consistent with our name. True to our name, our online portal was purpose-built to give all investors open, fair, and impartial access to real estate investment offerings.

While other platforms are focused strictly on commercial properties and “million-dollar-plus” deals, EquityDoor is creating an investment community for the rest of us that is focused purely on the mid-market (which represents 87% of all properties sold in the U.S.).

EquityDoor was founded by a small team with a big vision. We want to make investing in the income-based real estate market a reality for every potential investor.

Our management team and advisors have spent decades buying and selling real-estate and investment properties. At times, it has seemed just too difficult to clear all the hurdles of the traditional financing community.

EquityDoor was purpose-built to change that. By providing leading-edge technology that connects project owners and investors, EquityDoor provides an alternative to traditional banks and financing.

By eliminating the traditional cost, complexity, and reliance on big banks and real estate insiders, EquityDoor opens the door to build real estate equity for anyone. If you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned accredited investor, EquityDoor can help. If you’re looking for real estate investing educational resources, click here.

EquityDoor’s peer-to-peer lending eliminates the barriers that have blocked access in the past and opens the door to real estate investing for anyone. 

“I’m excited to be leading the team that’s bringing a new path for real-estate investment to everybody, not only accredited investors. Regulation Crowdfunding allows EquityDoor to connect mid-market project owners with interested investors who have been locked out of the real-estate market for far too long,” says CEO & Co-Founder Clint Anderson.

Learn more about EquityDoor and how to get started in real estate investing here.



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