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Hello, my name is Clint Anderson. I’m the CEO and Founder of EquityDoor, and I’m pleased you’ve joined us.  As an avid investor myself, my vision for EquityDoor was to provide a legitimate alternative to the stranglehold of traditional bank financing.

True to its name, EquityDoor was founded on the principle of fair, open access to equity for everyone! Regulation Crowdfunding (guided by the SEC) opened the door to alternative financing online. The EquityDoor portal connects property owners and potential investors who have shared investment goals. Together, they provide alternative financing that eliminates the need for traditional bank mortgages. No bank mortgages means no monthly debt service, lower deb to equity ratios and higher cash flow!

The short video below shares a high-level overview of Reg CF. It take less than a minute to view. I hope you take a look!

Also, I would like to invite you to join our Members community. Sign up with your name and email address, and you’ll have access to more videos on mid-market real estate investing, real estate crowdfunding and access to project calculators that help you quickly estimate project returns. I particularly like the Cash Flow and ROI Comparison tool that lets you input your project financials and compare the financial benefits of crowdfunding an investment property verse financing with a traditional bank mortgage. It’s pretty eye opening!

Thank you for joining us at EquityDoor.  I’m excited that you are here!  Please feel free contact us directly at 877-963-DOOR (3667) or via email at

It’s great to have you with us!


Clint Anderson – CEO and Founder

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